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   “Lavjen” company was created in 2019 by Sipan Babajanyan. The idea of creating such company goes back to 2018 when Sipan realized that the world had been changing rapidly to a modern and digital world during last couple years. People during last year’s seek their comfort in a virtual (digital) world. And guess what? They do find it. So Sipan was thinking that if there were online stores and boutiques with excellent delivery, why could there not be online everything, in other world virtual mall, where people in 21st century will feel more comfortable. So, the idea was born in Sipan’s mind to go ahead and make a step to a modern world. No, it was not easy, he had only 5 bucks in his pocket. He had no team but 2 girls helping him. People were saying that it was too much and impossible, especially when he had no money and no team. The company was named after those two girls who started the project with him: Lena and Jasmine. Everything was becoming more profound. The meaning of this company was to change the world by saving all his customers finances and time. The company was to be created in France but since Armenia needed this kind of company and industry more, they decided to build it in Armenia with French motives and cooperation with French colleagues. In other words, French design, Armenian industrialization, and after this came hard work day and night until now.